BVB online shop ships to even more countries
[18.04.2013] Borussia Dortmund are in the semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League and their dramatic, last-gasp 3-2 victory over Malaga has further increased their popularity and won them many new fans all over the world. To offer these international fans an opportunity to order and get BVB merchandise delivered directly to their home address, Borussia Dortmund will now also ship to many countries in Asia (e.g. India, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia), Africa (e.g. South Africa, Tunisia) and South America (e.g. Mexico, Chile).
Shipping rates for international orders have been reduced as well for a number of countries. For example, fans from the USA or Hong Kong can now order BVBs black and yellow memorabilia for a shipping charge of approximately 20 (depending on exchange rate) from the online shop.

An overview of the new costs you can find here:

Please visit www.bvb.de/shop for more information and exclusive merchandise for the UEFA Champions League semi-finals against Real Madrid.

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